Know Where To Go

The Restaurant/Bar Industry changed overnight...

Did your marketing change with it?

For About $3 A Day

The Go Out App is the single greatest marketing tool ever created for the restaurant/bar industry, allowing you to market directly to existing & potential customers - right where they are.

Customer Survey

What Info Would You Want To Receive From A Restaurant/Bar?

Specials/Discounts 89%
Upcoming Events 78%
New Menu Items Changes 60%

What factors determine which Restaurant/Bar you will visit?

Taste/Flavors/Cuisine 95%
Value/Specials 86%
Recommendation 84%
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Pre-Covid, how often did you visit a


More than Twice A Week 67%
At Least Once A Week 39%
Every Day 8%

What else influences which Restaurant/Bar you will visit?

Price Point 45%
Reservations/Call Ahead Seating 39%
Restaurant Web/Social Media 22%

The Provider App

Managers/Owners use the Provider App to update any information about the establishment including: specials, offers, menu changes, pictures, videos, events, etc.  - all on the fly, marketing to your customers where they are.

93% of Restaurateurs surveyed said that besides food/labor issues & Covid Restrictions, Attracting & Retaining Customers is their #1 Biggest Challenge

Problem Solved for About $3 a Day

We have put in the time and research to help your business grow.


Months To Develop






Survey Responses

"Go Out is designed for the user, but built for restaurants & bars."


Alan Evatt,

Founder Go Out

Download the User App

Download the Provider App

Note: Go Out must setup your restaurant/bar in the backend. We will provide you with your login info where you can then add specials, pictures, or make any changes or additions.

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