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Q: How does Go Out work?

A: There are 2 separate apps connected as one - the user side and the provider side. The provider side will allow Restaurants and bars to update their page in real time for the user to see. The user side will be able to search restaurants and bars by category, daily specials, or by name - and results will be shown in terms of location proximity, the closest restaurant/bar for the given criteria will appear first. Users pay nothing to have the app, and Providers (Restaurants/Bars) pay a small monthly fee to connect to customers and potential customers right where they are.

Q: How do Restaurants/Bars appear when a user searches the Go Out App?
Q: How quickly will our page and specials be updated?
Q: What data does Go Out collect and why?
Q: How much does Go Out Cost?
Q: Does Go Out partner with or support any charity organizations?
Q: How do I get my Restaurant/Bar on the Go Out app?
Q: What are your Terms & Conditions?